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About Samsung PID

Display beyond imagination

At Samsung Display, we make it possible to create immersive digital display experiences so you can visualize what you imagine.

Samsung remains the leader in technology, quality, and reliability. Our advanced R&D and manufacturing facilities make us the pioneer in the LCD and OLED display technology. We are the trusted name in professional digital displays.

Digital displays can help you engage and connect with your audience in real-time, while enhancing their experience in ever-growing, meaningful ways. Large format displays are being rapidly adopted for digital out-of-home advertising needs, on-site messaging, interactive collaborations and other innovative solutions.

Multiscreen Display

Global leader in innovation

We take immense pride in being at the forefront of digital display innovation. Since 2008, Samsung Display PID has been the undisputed global leader in commercial LCD and OLED panel technology.

We offer technologies ranging from generalized to specialized purposes depending on your application needs. We recognize the growing global need for more vibrant, more efficient, and more reliable display options and continually develop ground-breaking products to exceed your expectations. Thank you for making Samsung PID the number one specialized display company.

Your trusted partner

Samsung Display was the first to develop video wall and transparent display solutions. Never to rest on our laurels, we continue to invest in research and innovation. The world’s most demanding display set manufacturers choose us as their supplier of choice.

Each day our engineers look to solving the biggest display challenges, ensuring our products have the most advanced solution for the most discerning customers. Our engineering efforts are backed by world-class manufacturing infrastructure which helps us meet the growing global demand for high-quality and durable displays.

Samsung Display’s product portfolio is designed to accommodate for a range of display applications. We value our relationships and pride ourselves on our reliable global support and expertise.