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Corporate Solutions—Ultra Large UHD Indoor Signage for Convention and Exhibition Centers

Corporate solutions

Our customized solutions provide a powerful, yet flexible way to communicate, collaborate, promote your brand and get more done. Let Samsung Display make a meaningful impact in your business.

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We blend performance and design

We offer a wide array of digital display panels for corporate applications - from presentation solutions to meeting and show rooms installations. Our products are the most beautiful and reliable way to display up-to-the-minute information on important business indicators.

Dynamic, high definition, seamless displays can give customers an impressive introduction to the organization’s strengths and capabilities, while helping employees to stay informed and collaborate effectively.

Corporate solutions - UHD Indoor signage for wayfinding and information broadcast

Best-in-class visual and touch performance

Samsung Display can help you foster an engaging corporate atmosphere through our cutting-edge technology which can be customized to meet any business challenge. Whether you are looking to communicate the corporate brand to internal and external stakeholders, change organization’s image, attract more dynamic talent or facilitate collaboration and communication, our products will enable you to do just that.

  • Unmatched professional image quality
  • Magnificent video walls with world’s narrowest bezel
  • Highest in industry contrast ratio
  • A range of brightness options to suit the environment of any installation
  • Thin, lightweight panels in a variety of specifications and sizes to enhance any design
  • Interactive whiteboard solutions

Corporate solutions - Large UHD Interactive white board for meeting rooms

Where we work

There’s no limit to how Samsung Display can be applied in any corporate environment. Our clients utilize our technologies to deliver eye-catching, immersive visuals, real-time information, elevated corporate branding, and interactive solutions for increased collaboration and communication. In the corporate world, you can find Samsung Display technologies in the following settings:

  • Conference rooms
  • Common and huddle room workspaces
  • Reception and lobbies
  • Event spaces
  • …and more

Corporate solutions - UNB Interactive video walls

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