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UNB Video Wall Solutions for High Fashion Retail Stores

Retail solutions

Attract and retain customers with Samsung Display’s innovative displays made specifically for the retail industry.

Let Us Help

We help bring digital experiences to life

Digital technologies are changing the physical retail experience. Providing shoppers with seamless and differentiated shopping experience is crucial to success.

Samsung Display helps you create visually impactful, information-rich installations that deliver memorable shopping experience both indoors and outdoors. Build breathtaking installations to capture attention, showcase offerings and accelerate growth.

Along with immersive visual presentation and dynamic promotion, professional digital signage delivers significant cost savings. Unlike TV or other monitors, our digital displays are built for 24/7 operation and come with 2-year warranty.

Retail Solutions - high brightness outdoor signage for retail strore fronts

Top performing professional signage

Samsung offers best-in-class products to best match your needs. Our products help you differentiate your offerings and deliver unique shopping experiences. Our customized solutions help your business gain attention and reshape retail experience by personalizing size, shape and performance for your needs.

  • Ultra HD panels to make every detail visible
  • Landscape and portrait mode capability for greater design flexibility
  • Variety of sizes, including native stretched panels, to accommodate any design
  • High brightness panels for outdoor visibility
  • Highest contrast ratio in the industry to ensure clarity of image

Retail Solutions - UHD Indoor signage for department stores

Where we work

Our customers are leveraging cutting-edge digital display technology to create innovative user experiences in a number of retail applications - ranging from indoor and outdoor signage for up-to-date information and promotion to interactive shopping experiences and experiential marketing initiatives. We help our clients deliver unified, upscale brand identity and continuous user journey for their campaigns to resonate with their audiences and prospects.

There’s no limit to how Samsung Display’s digital signage can be applied in the retail environment. Here are just some examples of where you can implement Samsung’s technology:

  • High fashion retailers
  • Chain stores
  • Small businesses
  • Gas stations
  • Restaurants and fast food
  • Grocery stores
  • Peripheral goods and services sales
  • …and more

Retail Solutions - Large Indoor signage for retailers

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