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Samsung PID

Stretched displays

Ultra-wide native stretched displays.

Meet Samsung Display’s brand new native bar type display series - ultra-stretched, slim and narrow by design – designed to meet the demands of the most restricted digital signage spaces.

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Versatile and reliable

Samsung Display’s advanced stretched displays are custom built with 32:9 aspect ratio from the get-go. Unlike some competitors that cut the 16:9 panels, we build ours with customized 32:9 masks to ensure the best quality and performance.

Our range of native stretched LCD panels presents you with a number of innovative ways to grab public attention.

These stretched panels, also known as bar displays, are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and brightness options making them a perfect versatile solution for your digital signage needs. Samsung Display’s stretched panels are utilized in retail, advertising, public transportation, quick-service restaurants and other applications worldwide.

Stretched Display Glare Comparison

Superior visibility

  • Deliver crisp and clear image even in ambient light due to advanced anti-glare panel treatment
  • Elevated brightness for true color presentation in a range of lighting conditions
  • Achieve distraction-free viewing with slim and narrow bezel design
Stretched Display Black Mura Comparison

Unrivaled longevity

  • Robust signage durability during continuous 24/7 operation
  • Custom advanced PID masks ensure that our panels meet the highest standards for professional performance
  • Black mura prevention technology restricts panel blackening even after long periods of use
Stretched Display Vibrant Color Comparison

Lifelike picture

  • Highest in industry contrast ratios deliver the deepest blacks resulting in crisp and clear images
  • Elevated brightness and high resolution for true color expression in a range of lighting conditions
  • Highly resistant to image sticking, allowing for distortion- and distraction-free viewing

"We are very impressed with Samsung PID's stretched display. The quality and technology SDC provides cannot be beaten."

Mr. Park Jae YongPurchase Manager, Hyundai IBT

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