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Transparent displays

Transparent displays

Attention customers!

Transparent OLED products have been discontinued and not available for sales. End of life (EOL) was announced in July 2016.

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With this breakthrough technology, you can deliver breath-taking graphics and videos with virtually no limits. A transparent OLED panel is a self-emitting display utilizing cutting-edge Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology, which eliminates the need for a backlight and enclosures.

The frameless transparent surface glass has 45% light transmittance, allowing you to view the content on the screen as well as objects located behind it. Create unique designs and see-through installations that truly stand out.

Transparent Display Vibrant Color Comparison

Bright and vivid performance

  • Unmatched brightness and color saturation
  • Peak brightness characteristics are amplified by superior color performance, making OLED display appear brighter and most vivid
  • Innovative panel coating improves perceived contrast and allows for high readability even in bright light
Transparent Display Flexible Design

Agile designs

  • Our ultra-thin transparent panels can be mounted to walls, ceiling, furniture and custom fixtures
  • Ability to tile multiple panels together to generate scalable transparent video wall arrays
  • Transparent OLED display supports both landscape and portrait modes
Transparent Display Durability Comparison

Outstanding resilience

  • High-durability coating that can withstand the rigors of high-traffic environments
  • Custom advanced PID masks ensure that our panels meet the highest standards for professional performance
  • Top notch research and testing to ensure professional, commercial grade performance standards

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