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55" ENB 700 nit Professional Video Wall Panel

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LTI550HN14 is a color active matrix liquid crystal display composed of a TFT LCD panel, a driver circuit, and a backlight unit. This premium 55" extreme narrow bezel panel provides professional-grade high-definition image quality, uniform brightness, and consistent color expression and accuracy. Deliver unsurpassed visual messages in the world’s most commanding atmospheres – from control rooms to large public venues.

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55" ENB 700 nit Video Wall Benefits
55" ENB 700 nit Video Wall Vibrant Display
55" ENB 700 nit Video Wall Bezel Size
55" ENB 700 nit Video Wall Side Angle

World’s narrowest bezel

Features an extreme narrow 1.7 mm bezel design, creating a stunning continuous viewing experience, allowing for an absolute focus on content.

Outstanding brightness and color uniformity

  • Superior luminance uniformity ensures consistent color across all screens
  • Industry leading contrast ratio (4,000:1) for crystal-clear picture quality and vibrant color expression
  • Immense brightness of 700 nit provides vivid images in a range of lighting conditions

Unrivaled durability and reliability

  • 24/7 operation and dependability with black mura prevention technology
  • Proprietary anti-image sticking technology, allowing for distortion- and distraction-free viewing throughout the product’s useful life
  • Provides consistent display clarity and performance in any operational environment with a reinforced weather-resistant panel that deters heat, moisture and dust
  • Specialized anti-glare polarization eliminates color changes that might occur due to external light and background reflection


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