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Why Choose Samsung’s 65” UHD UNB Video Wall Panel

13 Dec 2019

As the trend for higher resolution displays continues to grow, video walls are also now available in impressively high resolutions.

Samsung Display is the proud producer of the world’s first 65” ultra high definition (UHD) video wall panel. The display also boasts ultra-narrow bezel (UNB) and 700 nit brightness. 

We take a detailed look at Samsung’s 65” UHD UNB 700 nit Professional Video Wall Panel, examining the benefits of its high resolution and reduction of bezels, and its potential use cases.

Enhanced visual experience 

When UHD displays are used optimally, they will greatly enhance the viewing experience - and even productivity. However, they must be used at a recommended viewing distance. For 65” video walls, this isn’t a problem as their placements usually match the perfect distance due to their use cases.

Optical experts estimate that for people with visual acuity of 1.2, at least 50 cycles per degree (CPD) must be satisfied for full image clarity. As the typical viewing distance in control rooms, for example, ranges from 2m to 5m, a 65” UHD video wall is an ideal product, as this table shows:

As long as this distance is observed for other applications, this video wall helps people see incredibly detailed images without straining their eyes. This benefits workplaces not just aesthetically, but also for productivity. With increased visual accuracy, people can analyse images easier and faster - once again, particularly useful for control rooms.

More picture, fewer bezels 

The 65” display opens up the possibility of greater screen sizes with fewer bezels than ever before. 

For example, if you were using video walls with a 46” diagonal length to build a 138” wide display, you would need 9 panels and your image would be disrupted by four lines of bezels. Whereas, for a 65” panel, you only require four to build a video wall of a similar size - this means there is also less disruption caused by bezels.

Using 55” panels, you would need four panels disrupted by two bezels to create a 110” screen. Alternatively, you could use just three 65” panels to create a video wall of the same size. The arrangement of these would remove the existence of a horizontal bezel - helping everyone to see more of the picture, and less bezel.


The 65” UHD UNB panel has many different applications, with advantages for various different business types and use cases, such as:

Control rooms 

As already mentioned earlier, Samsung’s 65” UHD UNB panels are excellent for a control room. The UHD resolution provides exceptional performance in mission-critical environments. 

Due to the fact that there are now many CCTV cameras and HDD devices capable of recording at UHD, there is a need for screens that are able to display these high quality images at their full resolution.


65” panels that showcase visual excellence can be extremely immersive in a retail setting. They can captivate audiences and encourage consumers to build a positive relationship with the brand.

Video walls can be used to showcase current products, and also to enhance the overall shopping experience. With such high resolution, details of products can be seen and admired. This is especially appealing for luxury stores as the detailed screens can be used to show every minute detail and the quality craftsmanship behind their products.


Similarly to retail uses, 65” panels can capture the attention of audiences at transport stations. This is particularly beneficial for creating attractive UHD advertising; this digital out-of-home placement can be very appealing to brands who want to make a visual impact in areas with high footfall.

65” panels can also be used in transport areas for information dense applications. In airports, for example, potential use cases include check-in counters, moving walkways, and departure and arrival boards.

Museums & art galleries 

Large video wall displays are being used in premium spaces, such as museums and art galleries.

With state of the art panels, guests can be wowed by exciting and realistic visuals. A highly attractive video wall can be so good that it can become an attraction in itself. Maximizing the resolution and minimizing the bezels helps in creating an immersive experience for visitors.


Video walls can be used in offices of all industries for effective and aesthetically-pleasing internal communication. An impressive display transforms how you communicate with your employees. For more information on how video walls can be used in offices, visit our blog about the benefits of smart workplaces.

There are also various industry-specific uses for video walls within working environments. One of these is that video walls are particularly beneficial for building construction plans. The ultra high definition resolution and the scale can be used to show complicated design drawings and corresponding materials.

Samsung Display’s 65” UHD UNB 700 nit Professional Wall Panel enables businesses to create effective and efficient video wall solutions. From pleasing customers in public settings to analysing visual data behind-the-scenes, there are many different use cases. 

For more information on UHD panel market trends and its benefits, read our guide about this 65” product.

If you’re looking for details on features, visit our product page for the 65” UHD UNB 700 nit Professional Wall Panel.