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The Future of Extreme Narrow Bezel (ENB) Video Walls - SDC’s ENB Gen2

12 Dec 2019

The demand for extreme narrow bezel (ENB) in the video wall market is growing. In 2018, only 15% of video walls produced used ENB, but this will rise to 22% by the end of this year and will reach 62% in 2021. (Source: SDC Marketing)

Soon, ENB will be the mainstream bezel size for both control room and retail uses. Because of this demand, Samsung Display is continually developing new ways to improve this technology.

SDC is excited to present the most advanced video wall panel - Samsung Display’s ENB Gen2. 

There are 4 proprietary innovations in SDC’s ENB Gen2:

  1. Incredible Perceived Bezel Technology

  2. Revolutionary Color Match System

  3. Amazing MoonLight Mode

  4. Helpful Error Detection Mode

Read on to see how each of these innovations solve today's video wall issues. 

Perceived Bezel Technology 

Perceived Bezel Technology improves the appearance of black-to-black (B-to-B) on ENB displays by a special technique that ensures a 17% gamma compensation reduction, leading to brighter edge displays.

Typically, the brightness of the pixels around the edge of the panel is not as bright as the other pixels, creating what visually appears to be a wider bezel between panels. Samsung Display has now made the pixels surrounding the edge of the panels brighter which overcompensates the difference.

This impressive technology makes panels’ bezels appear even thinner than they already are. The actual width of the bezel hasn’t changed, but the brighter pixels change the perception - making the bezel appear slimmer and the viewing experience seamless.

Color Match System 

Video walls have become a standard feature for information broadcasting, especially at stations and airports. However, the limitations of the LCD manufacturing process can cause color differences in individual panels, and lead to a sub-optimal viewing experiences. The more panels a video wall requires, the greater the color-mismatch.

However, with Samsung Display’s Color Match System, each ENB Gen2 panel is engineered to meet an industry leading extreme narrow band of acceptable color differentiation. This process ensures uniform color reproduction across the installation.

Compared to first generation ENB, the differentiation of panel color deviation is reduced from +30/1000 → ± 10/1000 (66% better performance). 

The ENB Gen2 panels deliver consistent color across entire video wall installations, minimizing the need for additional tuning by SET makers.

This ensures that images displayed are shown as they are intended, improving the viewing experience with enhanced picture quality.

MoonLight Mode

ENB Gen2 solves a common pain point for low light image display. Its MoonLight Mode improves the visibility for applications like night-time CCTV camera footage. 

Due to low light, the picture quality is usually quite poor which can fatigue control room workers and strain their eyes, causing  information to be missed. Samsung Display’s new MoonLight Mode solves this by enhancing low-light image quality, significantly improving the user experience. The night-time images are made easier to see thanks to gamma compensation.

Error Detection Mode 

Samsung Display’s Error Detection Mode means that ENB Gen2 panels are now capable of detecting malfunctions and informing the video wall control center. This is achieved by revolutionary native self-diagnostics capability in SDC panel’s T-cons (their central processing units).

As long as the SET has the ability to inform the signage’s administrator, they can deal with any issues immediately and send somebody to fix the problem.

As a leader of the video wall industry, Samsung Display is constantly working on new ways to improve their technology and solve past problems. With ENB Gen2, Samsung Display demonstrates new innovations that will make ENB even better. 

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Please note that the ENG Gen2 is currently only available in limited regions. Please contact your local sales team to find out more.