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The Next Evolution of Video Walls are Here and Why You Will Love It!

25 Sep 2016

Video Wall Bezel Comparison

Video walls are an incredible way to grab a crowd’s attention in wide-open spaces. Originally used in control rooms, the video wall is increasingly being used for other public information display purposes such as out-of-home advertising. In fact, the video wall market is expected to grow to an 18 billion-dollar business by 2020, a result of the application’s high optical performance, flexibility and ease of installation. The problem with many video wall solutions is that the bezels connecting the individual screens can be too wide, causing “cracks” to appear in the overall image. 

Now, with Samsung Display’s razor-thin extreme narrow bezel (ENB) you can encaptivate audiences with a seamless digital display experience.

Making the world’s narrowest bezel at 1.7mm

Samsung Display has led the way in narrow bezel innovation since 2009 when we rolled out the first narrow bezel video wall at 7.3mm. We halved this number by 2013 when we released our class-leading ultra-narrow bezel that our customers have used to wow the public the world over.

Not content with this, however, in 2016 we released our narrowest bezel yet, shattering the competition with an unmatched 1.7mm extreme narrow bezel display. This groundbreaking technology features amplified large-scale presentation capabilities and reliable 24/7 performance.

To put these measurements into human terms, the bezels on this display are around the width of fine mechanical pencil lead! This means that cracks in the display are barely noticeable—no matter the viewing angle.

Video Wall - World's Narrowest Bezel

Size matters, but there is more…

Besides being the narrowest bezel on the market, Samsung Display’s ENB is a class-leading product with many other benefits:

  • Superior picture quality—enhanced contrast ratio (4,000:1) delivers vibrant colors and unmatched text readability
  • Power efficiency—Green technology consumes less power than any other ENB solution on the market
  • Reliability—Our quality assurance testing is more rigorous than any other manufacturer for ease of maintenance and 24/7 operation
  • Optical performance—Our advanced polarizing surface treatment reduces glare and prevents cloudy muras, ensuring a crisp picture in any location
  • Durability—the ENB system is a durable metallic construction with moisture, heat and dust resistance as well as the ability to withstand weight pressure
  • Service—We offer a two-year warranty as standard and an additional one-year warranty

What does the future look like for public information display? Whatever’s in store be sure that Samsung Display will be at the forefront, ready to wow the world with the next big innovation.