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Five Must Watch DOOH Talks for 2018

24 Apr 2018

2018 is the year of out-of-home according to Adweek, one of the world’s leading advertising publications. As digital-out-of-home (DOOH) matures, we’re seeing digital signage utilized by media companies in many different locations, including city streets, roadsides, shopping malls, bus shelters and even buses themselves.

We previously featured the Top Five DOOH Talks of 2016, which included predictions about how out-of-home ads would become hyper-targeted and increasingly innovative. The industry’s future remains positive with continued developments and more emerging opportunities for both the DOOH industry and the advertisers.

We’ve rounded up a new list of five of our current favorite DOOH talks and video clips that deal with the industry’s biggest current innovations and challenges.

The videos that we have picked feature expert opinions from influential industry leaders and advertisers, addressing some of the current trends in DOOH such as:

  • The rise of programmatic
  • Increasingly creative uses of displays
  • Growth of dynamic content
  • Wider adoption
  • More highly targeted advertising campaigns

The problem that DOOH solves for advertisers

​​​​​​Kate Patrick, speaking at the time as head of business development at JCDecaux UK, was interviewed by Food Matters Live about how the advertising industry is changing and how DOOH technology can solve current pain points.

As Patrick explains, people no longer consume adverts like they used to. DOOH offers a solution with the ability to adjust which campaign is displayed depending on external factors, such as time of day.

Patrick gives an example of a JCDecaux campaign for Coca-Cola in July 2017. This operated across digital bus shelters across London and showed different products at different times of day with relevant content. Their results showed that this targeting was effective with 30% of participants saying that the brands they were shown has relevance to them personally.

Patrick also dispels the myth about DOOH only being for big brands, explaining how JCDecaux’s Nurture program helps start-ups benefit from the technology using their existing datasets.

You can follow JCDecauxUK on Twitter here, and find out more about the company here.

The potential of programmatic DOOH

Stephanie Gutnik, Broadsign's VP of Business Development, addressed an audience at Quividi Partner Conference on Programmatic last year. 

Gutnik talks from the perspective of both a consumer and a director, explaining the broad potential of DOOH and the specific opportunities that programmatic brings the industry. Using pop culture references, campaign examples and use cases, Gutnik demonstrates the potential of programmatic DOOH.

As Gutnik says, programmatic is simply “the automation of workflows based on data-driven decisions”. But that doesn't mean it’s not without its challenges when using the technology for DOOH. However, as Gutnik also explains, there are ways for DOOH advertisers to work together and overcome this.

You can follow Stephanie Gutnik on Twitter here and find out more about Broadsign’s cloud-based automated digital signage software here.

Why DOOH has found success on the London transport network

Chris Reader, head of commercial media for TfL (Transport for London), and Dave King, managing director of Exterion Media, discuss how DOOH is utilized across the London transport network.

Reader and King explain how DOOH is actively desired by London public transport users, with 60% of people welcoming the distraction of advertising as they travel. 30% are even reported to have used their phone to make notes of advertising they see.

King states DOOH can work together with traditional advertising but he also highlights one of the key benefits that DOOH brings - data. The data that can be collected allows DOOH to truly achieve the advertising ideal of delivering the right advert at the right time to the right people.

You can follow Chris Reader on Twitter here, and Dave King on Twitter here. For more information on Exterion Media, visit their website.

Why dynamic DOOH needs to be the “new normal”

During a seminar at IAB Sweden, Liveposter’s digital development director Adam Cherry spoke about the importance of dynamic content. His English talk can be viewed from 08:15 until 32:00, with the remainder of the 1 hour made up of other industry speakers delivering in Swedish.

Cherry explains why using data to create dynamic content needs to become the new best practice for DOOH. He states that one of the biggest challenges for the industry will be helping smaller brands understand that dynamic will be the “new normal” and is not just for large scale, award-winning advertising campaigns.

This belief in dynamic DOOH is backed up with real examples and statistics. Whether it’s highly targeted personalized adverts or images that alter with the weather, Cherry shows his audience the future.

You can follow LivePosterUK on Twitter here and find out more about their dynamic campaigns on their website.

How creative agencies can encourage digital signage innovations

Anna Carpen, creative partner at advertising agency 18 Feet & Rising, spoke to Campaign about her advertising agency’s competition-winning DOOH campaign and how creatives can help brands realize the potential of innovative digital signage.

Carpen discusses the March For Giants campaign, which raised money for elephant-safeguarding charity Space for Giants, and was brought to life by Ocean Outdoor’s DOOH screens.

This awareness campaign was unique because it ran across a network of digital displays globally, with the herd of virtual elephants traveling worldwide. Describing this achievement, Carpen stresses that this campaign was only possible because of the technology.

Carpen also talks about why brands and advertisers are missing out on DOOH and how creativity can help overcome the current barriers.

You can follow 18 Feet & Rising on Twitter here and find out more about the March for Giants campaign here.

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