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ISE 2018 Digital Signage Survey Results

24 Apr 2018

What are the innovations the digital signage community is really excited about? How do they expect the industry to grow in the next year?

These, and more, are the questions we put to our select digital signage industry panel following ISE 2018, and we’re pleased to share the answers below.

Our survey covered the key areas all signage professionals need to know about:

  • What tech experts were most excited to see at ISE 2018?
  • What  segments show the most growth potential?
  • How confident are they of signage industry spending forecast?
  • Which tech development end users are most excited about?
  • What are the most common barriers to adoption for signage customers?

What was the most important technology showcased at ISE?

Most Important Technology at ISE 2018

Respondents picked Samsung’s The Wall—the first 146” modular display as the most important technology showcased at ISE 2018. Originally debuted at CES 2018 in January, its MicroLED panels offers users flexibility to create screens that fit their needs, whether it's a giant screen or using more unusual aspect ratios.

Business Insight: Flexible and modular installations for digital displays are driving industry excitement.

Which signage technologies is the industry most excited about?

Most Exciting Technology at ISE 2018

Digital signage industry experts are most excited about bezel-less displays (video walls), interactive signage (IWB) and LED (fine-pitch displays) developments.

There was considerable excitement from respondents about the ultra-narrow and bezel-less video walls on display, and the high-impact, interactive displays this technology enables. Interactive displays were also mentioned repeatedly as they can drive engagement. As the interactive signage (IWB) technology offers more intuitive and seamless collaboration, there was much interest from corporate and educational customers.

Business Insight: Technological innovations like bezel-less and improved human-machine interaction technologies increase display impact and are generating industry interest.

What will be the top digital signage growth segments in 2018?

Top 3 Digital Signage Growth Segments

Outdoor signage emerges as the leader (as predicted in our Top 5 Digital Signage Trends for 2018), with 60% of respondents expecting it to grow—just beating video walls and reflective displays to the top spot. However, a generally robust outlook for the industry is shown in how close all the segments are, with 45% of respondents expecting indoor signage and stretched displays to be top-performing segments in 2018.

Respondents had a high overall confidence in digital signage spending remaining strong.

Business Insight: Outdoor signage and video wall will be key sectors for growth.

Which technology developments are end users most excited about?

Display Technologies that Excite Customers

Again, interactive and bezel-less displays emerge as the most significant technological development—no doubt due to their ability to enhance user engagement and offer more creative ways to deliver messages through digital signage.

Low power outdoor signage seemed to be more popular with signage stakeholders, perhaps due to its ability to cut the cost of ownership and usefulness for smart city applications.

In terms of display technology, both 4K and quantum dots are attracting attention, while 8K still looks to be in an early adoption phase.

Business Insight: Interactive displays and bezel-less video walls will be a key opportunity in 2019 for signage makers.

What are most important criteria for digital signage customers?

3 Most Important Criteria for Digital Signage Customers

Unsurprisingly, product performance and quality are by far the two most important factors, although technological developments and ease of doing business tie for third place. There’s a valuable reminder here for the industry—successful case studies and applications need to be discussed and not get lost within technical detail.

Business Insight: Focus on performance and quality when building out proposals.

Do end users place more importance on upfront cost or total cost of ownership?

Upfront Cost vs Total Cost of Ownership

It appears that end users are much more sensitive to the total cost of ownership, incentivizing the industry to work on solutions that lower this cost, such as reducing power usage and integrated units without separate media players.

Business Insight: Customers are becoming aware that installation cost is a small percentage of the total cost of ownership. Thus quality and durability will be important aspects when selecting panel makers.

What is biggest hurdle to increase PID adoption with end users?

Biggest Hurdles to Digital Signage Adoption

Cost is by far the biggest barrier, showing that the digital signage industry may need to do more to educate end users on the return on investment from digital signage. Enhanced possibilities for measurement and tracking may help to prove its value to business.

Interestingly, lack of benefits comes last, showing that with more education from the digital signage industry to overcome perceptions of high cost, lack of technical knowledge and awareness, there is huge potential to grow the industry.

Business Insight: Showcase return on investment clearly in proposals and use case studies.

About the survey: This data comes from 40 survey respondents, completed during February 2018.

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