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Our Top 5 Picks for Innovative DOOH Signage Installations

15 May 2018

The digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry is rapidly growing and evolving. As dynamic content and hyper-targeting become the “new normal”, digital signage displays will need to be increasingly innovative to capture people’s attention. Technological developments and new creative approaches are leading the way for the future of DOOH.

We’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite different DOOH case studies from the last few years. Their use cases may be unusual today but they too could become the “new normal” in the future.

Fanta Jelly Fizz’s augmented reality game

Augmented reality has lots of potential for new and exciting DOOH approaches.

oOh! created this interesting example for the drink Fanta Jelly Fizz. Shoppers were encouraged to play an interactive game using their body movements. A camera captured the user and pictured them on screen. The player then had to move to hit the Fanta cans they saw on screen to score points.

This game created an active, engaging and memorable advertising experience. However, augmented reality does not always have to be gamified. Addendo, for example, used the technology to help people explore Leroy Merlin’s properties. Whether experimental or practical, augmented reality and DOOH can work together to produce exciting campaigns.

Responsive recognition by General Motors

Facial detection is regularly used as a way of profiling the audience of a DOOH display. This General Motors example shows how the technology can be used creatively.

Posterscope USA worked with General Motors to create the world’s first responsive recognition campaign. The screen displayed one of 30 pre-filmed videos, chosen based on the viewer’s gender, age, expression, who they are with, and engagement. The highly-targeted responses made the content appear personalized.

While many existing DOOH campaigns use facial detection to display relevant content to the viewer, this was the first time it had been used in this way.

Find your shade with Lancôme

Touch screens are regularly used for information kiosks, ordering food in quick service restaurants, or way finding but this interactivity is less common for DOOH advertising.

Pixel Inspiration used similar technology to promote Lancôme’s make-up counter with an interactive in-store display which featured how-to videos, event times and advice on foundation shades. The display provided useful information to browse and watch, and also linked this to a clear retail call-to-action. After color-matching their skin tone, the user was encouraged to speak to a make-up artist in-store and pick up a free sample of their recommended product.

With touch screen technology opening up DOOH to new possibilities, it’s unlikely that displays like this will be unusual for very long.

La Place using a live stream panel to take orders

Live streaming has changed the way videos are viewed online. As we see here, live streaming has also had an impact on DOOH.

JCDecaux built an interactive panel for La Place in the Netherlands that showed a chef cooking pizza. People were encouraged to tell him their favorite ingredients via video-link and watch as he prepares their food. Once they see their order placed in the oven, they walk just 50 meters to pick up their personalized pizza and meet the chef in real life.

Live streaming offers the opportunity for humanized interactions and product demonstrations in locations where this was not previously possible.

Coloring in for Deep Spring

Another interesting use of touch screen is this example created for Coca-Cola Amatil's brand Deep Spring. JCDecaux, Ansible, UM, and Saatchi & Saatchi NZ worked together to produce the world’s first outdoor digital coloring book.

Passersby were encouraged to interact by coloring in the outline displayed. The screen responded to the user’s touch by bringing the image to life, filled with color.

Touch screens can make DOOH practical but it can also be used to involve consumers in the creative process.

From surprising locations to new technologies, DOOH is continuing to excite and evolve. Soon, there will be even more unusual and unique ways to utilize DOOH.

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