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Top Five DOOH Talks of 2016

28 Feb 2017

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) employs networked digital signage displays to reach consumers with advertising messages in strategic, out-of-home locations, including roadside, city streets, street furniture, transportation hubs, office and retail spaces, shopping malls, healthcare facilities, and many more.

Second only to online advertising, DOOH is the world’s fastest growing ad medium, driven by increased consumer exposure to outdoors and display technology evolution. DOOH markets are seeing unprecedented growth, led by the U.S. projected to reach $4.08 billion in revenue by 2018.

With the rapid industry growth, we are seeing the following trends in DOOH:

  • Digital signage quality and capabilities are the primary drivers of the segment expansion
  • Billboards and traditional panels will be fully replaced by digital screens in mature markets
  • Out-of-home ads become hyper-targeted, relevant, and engaging
  • Growth in cross-platform and cross-device advertising strategies
  • Huge opportunities for innovative creative campaigns and experiential marketing

As we’re not long into the year yet, there are plenty of great conferences and events to come that will show us the direction for DOOH. In anticipation, we’ve looked back in time to find some of the most insightful DOOH talks of 2016. With the industry projected to nearly double in size by 2020, it’s important to stay tuned on digital out-of-home developments. Read on to explore the outlook of the top DOOH thinkers we found inspiring.

Why digital out-of-home should focus on what counts

This talk was given by Sarah Parkes at the DailyDOOH Media Summit in 2016. Parkes is the Managing Director of Primesight’s Airports team, brought in with the recent acquisition of Airport Media. She has a wealth of experience in airport DOOH advertising, which she shares in her talk.

Parkes touches on a number of topics and makes some great points about taking advantage of emerging technologies, how to work positively with both new and existing clients, and the importance of sustaining DOOH’s growth. She also stresses that the quality of display technology and capabilities it’s brought are the main drivers behind the rapid DOOH growth.

Plenty of actionable insight here with the stats to back them up. Not to be missed.

You can check out the talk here.

You can find Sarah Parkes on Twitter here and find out more about Primesight’s work in airports here.

You won’t believe what happens next…

This one comes from Phil Lenger, the CEO and founder of Show+Tell. Show+Tell are experts in digital displays and signs, having worked with the likes of Disney, Louis Vuitton, and DreamWorks Pictures.

Coming in at a hefty 40 minutes, it’s worth every minute. In keeping with the title and the nature of the talk, we won’t give too much away. But expect details on an event that will turn the DOOH industry upside down, the importance of some 200-year-old wisdom, and a valuable insight of the industry leader.

Catch the talk here.

You can find Phil on Twitter here and find out about Show+Tell here.

Manhattan Tech Talk

Filmed during the NEC’s New York Showcase in 2016, we’ve got a triple hitter here. Moderated by the DailyDOOH’s Editor-in-Chief Adrian Cotterill, the panelists include Peter Berry of Shen Milsom & Wilke, Randy Pagnan of rp Visual Solutions, and Rob Badenoch of TAD Associates.

Discussing the digital signage industry as a whole, the talk touches on a few areas, including how big ideas and campaigns are brought together, the effects of changes in the retail sector, and future developments.

You can watch the discussion here.

The great outdoors: Matt Eastwood

On this, we’ve got the Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at J. Walter Thompson, Matt Eastwood. One of the most accomplished people in his field, Eastwood is an innovator and a visionary, who has worked on some incredible campaigns.

In this short interview, we get to hear Eastwood’s thoughts on DOOH and its impact on creative and advertising industries. Eastwood points out an immense opportunity for engaging, inventive, personalized campaigns that digital outdoor can offer, driven by the interactive capabilities that complementary technologies offer.

You can follow Matt Eastwood on Twitter here and find out more about J. Walter Thompson here.

You can find the talk here.

Eyes are so yesterday. Are you ready for the future of…

Finally, we have this talk from Dino Burbidge, the Director of Innovation and Technology at WCRS. Having worked with companies like Microsoft and the BBC, Burbidge has wealth of experience to offer.

Burbidge splits his talk into Now, Near, Next, and NEO sections: to provide his outlook and vision for the industry. Chock-full of examples and insights, his presentation gets you thinking and excited about the future.

You can watch the presentation here.

You can find Dino Burbidge on LinkedIn here and find out more about WCRS here.

As you can see, DOOH is an exciting and promising industry to be in. Equipped with the powerful expert insights, let’s make 2017 count.

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