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65” 4K panels see high adoption in Russian video wall market

About AMS

AMS Russia have created a shared screen with a higher information capacity and fewer seams than the solutions available on the market.

Established in 1996, AMS began as a system integrator of audio-visual, engineering and IT solutions. Since then, AMS has manufactured their own systems and control systems and, five years ago, began to also produce their own displays.

AMS now makes LCD displays and are moving into LED displays, too. In their work, Samsung PID models are being used as a base for their professional screens. Today, they have 48 employees in Moscow and Konakova (Tver region), Russia. 


AMS’s mission is to develop a high level of pre-sale supply and service, improving professional display services for Russian customers. 

They are currently aiming to increase market share from 12 to ~20% of Russian PID market. AMS Russia want to promote the importance of correct screen size and resolution to their system integrator partners and their customers, which includes government departments, oil and gas companies, metallurgical companies, power plants, airports, railway stations, schools and universities, hospitals and many more. Choosing the right screen for the right application is very important, and AMS helps businesses to make the right decisions.

With a goal to increase turnover, AMS are looking to invest more in new developments, technology and products.

We work with Samsung PID because their products are a very high level of quality. This high quality also helps sales for our end products.

Nikolay Savchenko, Director, AMS

The challenge 

For large scale installations, AMS found that some customers were experiencing quality issues.

A video wall built on 46” or 55” displays would require many devices and result in lower resolution than many desire.

The solution

AMS offers something that nobody else does - a video wall made up of diagonal Samsung 65 4K tv displays.

For comparison, using the 65” product, a 5.7 x 2.4 metre screen requires half the amount of devices than it would if built on 46” displays. 

As the same screen size requires less individual displays, the overall product is more stable and has fewer bezels on screen.

This would offer many improvements, such as:

  • Less panels required for same video wall size - half the amount of devices required if built using 46” displays

  • Reductions in overall energy consumption and heat generation

  • Fewer seams disrupting the image

  • Improved resolutions - 2 times higher than a 5.7 x 2.4 metres video wall using 46” displays

  • Enhanced color uniformity

  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs 

  • Greater stability

In addition to the unique solution, AMS Russia have developed and implemented their own software systems for displaying customer’s information with a resolution of 15360 x 6480 pixels.

With our unique displays, our customers can create a video wall with the best characteristics: overall dimensions, resolution, brightness. 

We’ve developed our own electronics (AD-boards) for the displays, which allows customers to transmit video signal 4K at 60fps.

We offer the customer a unique system which supports the capture of up to 132 video signals and IP video streams. With Samsung displays, this can then be seen on displays with a huge resolution.

Alexander Nikolaev, Deputy Director, AMS

The results 

Since launching their 65” displays, AMS have found that customers are satisfied.

One of these customers is United Toll Systems. The new 65” LCD modules were used as part of their Dispatch Toll Road Monitoring Center’s video wall system. Although the overall project is still ongoing, United Toll Systems are already set to use them in another development. 

With so many benefits to the panels, including reducing bezel disruption, producing higher resolution images, and being more energy efficient, it is unsurprising that AMS’s customers are happy with these new modules - and that this has led to commissioning of additional projects.

Given the superior capabilities of the video wall built with Samsung 65” 4K displays, there is a growing demand for more of these panels.

For more information on Samsung’s video wall panels, visit our products page.