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Amscreen: Delivering Large Format, Sunlight Readable DOOH Solutions for World’s Largest Advertiser

  • Amscreen deployed over 15,000 indoor and outdoor digital signage screens worldwide
  • Their experience and strong partnerships allowed for development of an economic and scalable end-to-end full service DOOH solution
  • Samsung Display PID panels are used to maximize screen uptime and deliver high resolution visuals with sunlight readability
  • With these powerful outdoor digital signage solutions, Amscreen is now supporting one of the world’s largest OOH advertisers

About Amscreen

Amscreen is a technology company that has been developing end-to-end IoT-based wireless communication solutions for over 20 years and worked with digital signage advertising since 2008. More recently the company has focused on delivering large format sunlight readable advertising display solutions to the digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising market. Their strength is bringing a full-service, economic and scalable screens equipped with resilient remote monitoring technology to media owners.

While maintaining cross-functional internal expertise, Amscreen also believes in strong partnerships — both with their suppliers and customers. As such, Amscreen chose Samsung Display PID as their key partner because of the global expertise and ability to address their core needs with word-class technology. Samsung could also accommodate long-term roadmaps, screen sizes and technology required for their application and business growth. Amscreen also needed to ensure that their outdoor solutions can operate reliably for 5-8 years regardless of weather conditions.

When it comes to customers, a key partner is Clear Channel International. They are currently using over 2,500 of Amscreen’s large format, free-standing outdoor displays all over the world — Asia, Europe, Latin America.

“Partnering with Amscreen is the perfect opportunity for Clear Channel to innovate technologically. Their screens and services provide us with an economical solution that we can roll out as Adshel Live across our outdoor network.”

Will Ramage, Business Development Director at Clear Channel UK


Amscreen is targeting local authorities, telecoms businesses and outdoor media owners who have a large established inventory of advertising assets (such as posters and billboards) at busy locations (such as roadsides, bus shelters and supermarkets) — and looking to show them the massive potential of switching to digital signage.

Amscreen has been very successful because of the scalability, reliability, and competitive price models they offer. Another key differentiator that has driven growth is its RDM® platform - an IoT based real time remote monitoring and maintenance platform that offers network owners ease and speed of management across country-wide screen networks. The company has gained its expertise through developing a network of 10,000 indoor screens. With the evolving DOOH signage market, Amscreen believed they can expand their business and bring similar approach to outdoors.

“The screen is clearly the most visible element of our overall product and thus reliability and quality of display is an absolute imperative. When combined with our full suite of services including patented real-time monitoring suite, we are proud to be able to offer a trusted set of products and services.”

Simon Sugar, CEO at Amscreen

The challenge

To replicate their success in the outdoor arena, Amscreen had to solve for some challenges they haven’t faced with the indoor market, including operating temperature, brightness, environmental conditions, and ruggedness. Unlike some indoors, outdoor screens are “always on” — which requires 24/7 durability, dependability and efficiency.

Amscreen recognized that display technology is the most important ingredient for any outdoor DOOH solution, particularly given the environmental and physical challenges, which is why they partnered with Samsung Display PID.

Amscreen Outdoor Signage

The solution

Amscreen custom design their products to ensure they work within a specific environment rather than system integrating multiple supplier technology. Amscreen works closely with Samsung, glass, and local metal work companies to then mass-assemble large outdoor products in their UK plant.

To deliver on desired performance characteristics, displays Amscreen uses for their DOOH advertising solutions must have a screen size of over 70 inches, accommodate portrait mode, have high brightness and resolution, be environment-resistant and support long operating hours.

This is why Samsung Display’s panels are used to build solutions for their largest project with Clear Channel. LTI750HF01 was selected because of the following specifications:

  • Specialized high temperature (110°C) TNI liquid crystal for unmatched visibility with no black-outs even under brightest sunlight
  • 2,500 nit high brightness levels for sunlight readability
  • Wide viewing angle (178°) to maximize audience reach for a given location
  • Portrait operation mode to suit traditional poster advertising formats
  • 24/7 dependability for longevity of operation and to ensure acceptable brightness levels are achieved and maintained over time
  • Eco-friendly design certified by RoHS for solution that is environmentally fit for purpose and provides low operating and maintenance costs

As well as hardware, a key part of Amscreen’s solution is their remote monitoring (RDM®) platform. Utilizing Vodafone’s Global IoT platform, any screen in any region can be remotely managed by Amscreen’s in-house help desk in Bolton, United Kingdom. This innovative use of IoT technology helps maximize screen uptime.

“Amscreen has created new revenue streams and customer experiences for its media and retail partners, as well as new services that have the potential to benefit the wider population.”

Phil Mottram, Enterprise Director at Vodafone UK

Amscreen Outdoor Signage for Smart Cities

The results

Maximizing “screen uptime” while operating under the broad extremes of environmental conditions is the promise that Amscreen is delivering to their clients to enable them to maximize advertising revenue through delivering the right content to the right people at the right time.

For their large-format outdoor solutions, Amscreen has consistently been meeting and exceeding agreed screen uptime service level commitments. This is why Amscreen is not only able to grow their business through servicing such large-scale clients as Clear Channel, but also become true long-term partners with them.

Amscreen’s technology is also helping advance smart cities. Revenue generated through DOOH advertising provides an opportunity for media owners to work closely with local councils, communities and retailers to invest in smart city initiatives.

Although smart cities are in their infancy, Amscreen has also already taken a collaborative approach to integrating end-to-end outdoor screen solutions with public payphones, wayfinders and Wi-Fi hotspots. As smart city business models develop, Amscreen will continue this collaborative approach to provide mass scalability with the integration of other IoT-based services such as lighting, parking, traffic, electric car charging facilities and more.

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