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Ashton Bentley: Meeting rooms of the future—All the technology, none of the complications!

  • Ashton Bentley provides stress-free, fully integrated meeting room solutions
  • Meeting room technology that allows to ‘walk in and work’
  • The professional grade of Samsung Display panels ensures higher ROI for Ashton Bentley products

Meetings should be about collaboration and communication. Unfortunately, even in this age of technological advancements, meeting room technology often becomes a limiting factor due to its complexity and lack of integration capabilities. With the mission of taking the stress out of meeting rooms, Ashton Bentley provides integrated unified meeting room solutions that let you focus on the meeting, not the set-up, regardless of where in the world they are deployed.

Ashton Bentley is a British manufacturer of the innovative end-to-end meeting room technology.

It designs and builds a range of out-of-the-box video conference, telepresence, and audio-visual presentation room environments. Ashton Bentley’s value proposition is to simplify all aspects of the deployment, operation, support, and management. This case study showcases the productive collaboration between Ashton Bentley (AB) and Samsung Display PID (SDC PID) to launch the meeting room technology of the future.

The challenge

Ashton Bentley was looking to simplify complex meeting room technology into a stress-free and distraction-free video collaboration solution. They recognized the two fundamental problems that meeting rooms face:

  1. Technology integration (hardware and software) is often complex and hard to set up, causing delays and derailing the meeting flows.
  2. Deployment and management of the meeting room technology are complicated and require additional investment and effort – whether it is one conference room or a network of hundred rooms across the globe.

‘We recognize that meetings are stressful enough. The last thing your staff needs is for the technology to let them down. Ashton Bentley is restoring confidence in meeting room technology with seamless, simple audio-visual and video conferencing systems for the millennial generation, pre-configured out-of-the-box.’

Tony Leedham - Commercial Director, Ashton Bentley

When serving as a global head of media and AV services for a large multi-national bank, one of the founders of Ashton Bentley observed the growing internal demand for meeting room technology as well as the challenges that came with it.

The key challenges faced by companies looking for meeting room solutions were:

  • Extremes of the range of solution types: you could either choose a low-end, affordable solution or have a specialist technical company design customized rooms that were price-prohibitive for the majority of users.
  • Many of the high-end solutions lacked integration capabilities with other collaboration tools, turning the technology into a closed network.
  • Most solutions were not scalable.
  • Meeting room technology was complicated and required additional dedicated resources to deploy and maintain.
  • There were many fragmented technologies, but none that supported end-to-end solution to encompass deployment, monitoring, and analytics.

Ashton Bentley Telepresence Solutions

The objectives

To address these challenges, Ashton Bentley set out to design systems for both electronic presentations and audio-video communication that would deliver ‘walk in and work’ capability.  They were looking to end the need for expensive and complex multi-vendor systems that had to be custom designed for each room and took days or weeks to install, often requiring invasive building work.

To accomplish this, Ashton Bentley selected the best components and integrated them into a single product.

What’s more, they have now taken their meeting room solution a step further by providing tighter integration of components to make deployment even easier and simplifying user operation.

Ashton Bentley Media Connect one 55 Model

The solution

To deliver on their vision, Ashton Bentley had to have strong partners. As a relatively small company, quality of components and supplier relationships were crucial for their success.  For this reason, they chose Samsung Display PID as a key display supply partner and Pinnaca as a remote management, monitoring, and metrics platform.

The display was a critical element of the Ashton Bentley solution—it was the face of the company trying to disrupt an industry.  Off-the-shelf solutions would have restricted the technology integration and would not fit Ashton Bentley’s chassis design. Ashton Bentley needed a panel that was rugged enough to provide error-free performance over long periods of extended use.

After rigorous research and evaluation against strict performance criteria, Ashton Bentley selected Samsung PID as their panel supplier. This decision was based on technical specifications and commercial factors, as well as high level of support Samsung Display provided. Samsung Display panels provided full control over the screen, from the power supply to graphics capability. The professional grade of SDC panels ensures higher ROI for Ashton Bentley products. The existing Ashton Bentley solutions utilize Samsung PID’s 55" Slim FHD panels and the new generation of meeting room tech will feature 75” UHD screens. 

These products are the perfect fit for the Ashton Bentley’s designs because they offer:

  • Clear, lifelike images with true color representation and sharp graphics
  • Wide viewing angles and anti-glare treatment delivering high visibility from any seat at the table and in any lighting conditions
  • Professional commercial grade panel quality able to withstand long operating hours, reduce maintenance needs, and lower total cost of ownership

Ashton Bentley Connect two55 Model

The results

Ashton Bentley delivers professional audio-visual presentation and video conferencing room solutions that are:

  • Simple to install and use
  • Require no tools to assemble
  • Take minutes, not days to set up and work
  • Inclusive of hardware (ergonomic chassis, screens, audio, signal management, cables and connectivity equipment) and flexible software platform
  • Immersive and highly integrated
  • Codec agnostic
  • Remotely managed and monitored, with full operational metrics to benefit the user

As a manifest to the success of their solutions for meeting rooms of the future, Ashton Bentley’s innovative technology is now found across Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia. They have also turned many heads during ISE 2017 showcasing their cost-effective immersive video collaboration systems and complementary tables.

Ashton Bentley’s customers include a range of businesses in these sectors:

  • Banks and investment companies
  • Engineering consulting
  • Oil
  • Exploration
  • Media
  • Education
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Cosmetics
  • Utilities
  • Car manufacturers
  • Emergency power generation

Samsung PID is proud to be a panel supplier and a partner to Ashton Bentley in their endeavor to build stress-free meeting rooms of the future.

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