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Digital Signage for Healthcare: Interactive Video Walls for Patient-Centered Care

  • Three (3x3) interactive Clarity® Matrix® MultiTouch LCD video walls by Planar, a Leyard Company
  • Each 12-feet-long by 7.5-feet-high
  • Features ultra-narrow 3.5 mm bezel design for uninterrupted viewing experience
  • Improved experience and engagement for over 120,000 annual visitors

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center is Louisiana’s most innovative healthcare provider. With the mission of bringing wellness to the region and building healthy communities, the organization has invested $61 million in the construction of the new Wellness Center to support local communities. One of the finest award-winning facilities in the US, the Wellness Center relies on the advanced state-of-the-art technology to deliver premium health care.

Project goals

Recognizing that a lot of healthcare issues in the region are lifestyle-related, the medical center wanted to focus on disease prevention and healthy lifestyles. The Center was looking for a solution to motivate the members of the community to engage in physical activities and provide education on health management.

To promote positive health behaviors, the Wellness Center wanted to spark health-related conversations that would be inspirational and impactful—and achieve this through personal storytelling and immersive visual content. To realize this vision, the Wellness Center chose a professional-grade video wall solution as a powerful medium to communicate such messages in its 9,000 square feet Education Center.

'For customers like the Thibodaux Regional Medical Center image performance and quality are requirements to deliver high impact video wall experiences. Planar’s Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System utilizes Samsung’s professional grade panels which exceed our customers’ expectations for performance and reliability.'

John Dixon, Senior Product Marketing Manager

SDC Video Walls in Action in Healthcare

The challenge

With the installation of this dynamic video wall solution, Thibodaux Medical Center wanted to educate and engage the visitors. The video wall display provided a versatile solution that:

  • Supported multiple content formats—from interactive videos to static imagery and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Provided wayfinding information about the facilities and physicians.
  • Had the touch interface to allow users to directly engage with the content and drive their journey.

From the display technology standpoint, these requirements meant that the solution needed to:

  • Provide premium viewing experience across all content types—high-definition image quality and vibrant colors.
  • Ensure that displays have the superior brightness capability for daytime viewing.
  • Have a slim bezel for an uninterrupted viewing experience.
  • Be durable, resist image sticking and support long operating hours.

The solution

To deploy the solution, the Wellness Center partnered with VisionQuest—digital consultant, content producer, programmer, and system integrator. VisionQuest chose Planar’s interactive Clarity® Matrix® MultiTouch LCD video walls. The Clarity® Matrix® displays were engineered with Samsung Display core LCD technology to deliver these impressive three 12-feet-long by 7.5-feet-high video walls.

Planar and Samsung Display PID have a long history of productive collaboration on demanding complex digital signage installations. The Clarity® Matrix® displays featured in this installation employ Samsung’s 55" UNB 700 nit professional video wall panels, nine per each video wall. This model was selected as:

  • The panel has a Full HD resolution and the highest in industry contrast ratio (4,000:1) for crisp image quality and vibrant colors.
  • An ultra-narrow 3.5mm bezel design provides continuous viewing experience on scale.
  • The immense brightness of 700 nit provides visibility in a range of lighting conditions, ensuring that the information is visible in bright daylight.
  • Built with the premium anti-glare polarizer to reduce glare and minimize color changes that may occur due to an ambient light exposure or reflection.
  • Is engineered for 24/7 operation and equipped with black mura prevention technology.

In addition, the video walls are further enhanced by Planar’s bonded glass surface called Planar® ERO™ (Extended Ruggedness and Optics™) technology to protect against physical wear and tear.

55 Inch Touch-Enabled SDC Video Wall

'Samsung has been an outstanding partner to enable us to deliver video wall solutions which provide outstanding brightness, resolution and an ultra-narrow bezel design.'

John Dixon, Senior Product Marketing Manager

The results

The project has been a massive success and the center is quickly realizing the return on investment. Since the video wall installation, the number of Fitness Center members within the facility has exceeded projections by 66%. That means more people from the local community are adopting a healthier lifestyle and the Thibodaux delivers on its mission and continues to grow its brand as a premium healthcare provider.

Today, as soon as people walk through the doors of the Wellness Center, they are captivated by the powerful visual messages displayed on three massive video walls. The screens display stunning 12K footage of Southern Louisiana landscapes, motivational personal stories of individuals overcoming obstacles, and educational presentations. The users are also able to leverage the interactive wayfinding view to get information on services and physicians.

By adopting this dynamic display solution, Thibodaux Medical Center is setting new technological standards in healthcare while meeting its objectives of premium patient care and health promotion.

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