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Samsung Display’s Interactive Whiteboards Help Students and Teachers Imagine the Impossible

  • Samsung Display PID provided M2L with an SDC 70” Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) panel—optimum for the classroom environment
  • Installed in over 50 rooms ranging from training centers, schools and university class rooms
  • Samsung Display PID’s state-of-the-art high brightness, high contrast interactive whiteboard displays led to more effective communication between instructor and student

M2L and Samsung Display PID provided a display solution to meet the growing demand for integrating interactive whiteboard technology across a number of schools in Korea. M2L, in partnership with Samsung PID, provided Interactive Whiteboards that offer an easily compatible and scalable solution.

Project goals

The installation of the IWBs aimed to:

  • Provide schools with a display solution to keep pace in a competitive education system
  • Engage all students with all learning styles
  • Give classrooms the tools they need to stay at the forefront of technological advancement
  • Improve student achievement and student/teacher interaction

'The touch performance on Samsung’s display panels far outweighs competitor products especially when compared with those available on the Chinese market. The display panels are easy to use as well and offer compatibility across a number of applications.'

Johan Kong, M2L

The challenge

A number of the leading educational institutes in Korea wanted to incorporate a technology solution to keep their staff and students on pace with an increasingly tech savvy world. They required a solution that could be customizable for a variety of room sizes. The school system chose M2L and Samsung Display PID’s Interactive Whiteboard solutions based on Samsung Display’s longstanding display know-how, compatibility, and high quality at a competitive price.

Requirements included the following:

  • Ambient light readability so students can view the board from anywhere in the classroom
  • Performance and value combined with cutting-edge technology
  • Compatibility and customization for any classroom size

The solution

Samsung Display PID’s interactive solutions were selected for their enhanced durability and superior value as well as for their high contrast ratios which means brighter whites and deeper blacks—ensuring readability from anywhere in the classroom. These features delivered highly engaging content to capture student’s attention and maintain resilience through daily use.

M2L and Samsung Display PID recommended the 70” LTI700HN02 interactive whiteboard solution for the school system, setting them apart from competitors due to the following key specifications:

  • Enhanced contrast ratio (4,000:1) delivering vibrant graphics and unmatched text readability
  • Professional grade built for superior dependability and extended reliability
  • Smooth glare-free writing surface and natural handwriting feel for premium experience
  • Easily adaptable to any and all touch technologies for the widest design flexibility
  • Superior value

Interactive Whiteboard - M2L Case Study

The results

The interactive whiteboards by M2L and Samsung Display PID have been implemented in many classrooms throughout Korea and have helped positively shift the way learners interpret and retain information. As student achievement continues to be of the utmost importance, interactive whiteboards motivate learners of all ages by introducing a more enjoyable and dynamic way to interact in the classroom. Students and teachers experience learning in a whole new way thanks to the impressive technology and, vivid colors found only in a Samsung Display.

Each classroom with an IWB saw an increase in both student and teacher effectiveness as students remained continually engaged. Teachers were able to focus on individual student needs due to the instantaneous capability to display a lesson and mark comments on the IWB. The initial feedback has been positive and educational institutes are adopting IWB due to the inspiring technology and outstanding user experience.

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