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Samsung Display Impresses in Seoul’s Biggest Cinema

  • One of the largest multiplexes in Korea with 21 screens
  • 57 Samsung Display screens deployed to provide infotainment and advertisements
  • Over 4 million visitors to the Lotte World Mall makes this cinema’s display one of the busiest in the country

'When designing the cinema experience which will be housed in a Seoul landmark, we wanted to ensure the most premium experience; Samsung Display was the obvious choice.'

Lotte Cinema in Jamsil is Korea’s leading multiplex company housed in what is the tallest building in Korea, the Lotte Tower. Built to be a major tourist destination, the Lotte World Mall has over 4 million annual visitors to its 11 heavenly stories of shopping and food. Lotte Cinema occupies five floors in this premium location.

  • AVA Vision, a global audio/visual manufacturing company based in Seoul, Korea, was tasked to provide a bright, engaging experience to theatergoers at the renowned Lotte Cinemas in Korea
  • AVA Vision partnered with Samsung Display to deliver the extensive indoor advertisement and information digital displays

'We chose Samsung Display for the unmatched value they provide.'

The challenge

AVA Vision’s goal was to design a modern digital display solution that provides dynamic advertisement and engaging infotainment visuals. With the latest action-packed movie trailers, the display needed a high resolution to support high quality pictures. As well, the screens had to blend with the premium design of Lotte World Mall and ensure an inviting customer experience. Performance was key.

To deliver a quality experience, the critical requirements were:

  • An adaptable solution that delivered high brightness to ensure clarity throughout the day
  • Performance that could adapt to moving and still images
  • With five floors of cinema, the displays needed to be power efficient and low maintenance to ensure ease of operations

'Samsung Display video wall products are Number One for a reason—they provide the most reliable performance—and it has been so for the last ten years.'

The solution

By partnering with Samsung Display, AVA Vision and Lotte Cinemas received a best-in-class display solution that provided the brightest images and the highest contrast ratios. AVA Vision chose Samsung Display PID models LTI460HN01 and LTI460HN08 as both have the advantage of optical clarity, proven field performance and a super narrow bezel to ensure a premium feel. Samsung Display’s advanced image sticking prevention technology further enhanced the business case and helped reduce operational cost. Also the unmatched response time of 8ms favored Samsung Display over other contenders.

'Samsung Display's high contrast and uniformity standards are unmatched by any other product out there.'

The LTI460HN08 offers:

  • Eco-friendly performance - low power consumption
  • Widest viewing angle - 178°
  • Industry-leading contrast ratio - 4,000:1 (LTI460HN08) and 3000:1 (LTI460HN01)
  • High brightness - 700 nit brightness rating

Indoor Signage - Lotte Cinema Case Study

The results

Samsung Display’s solutions seamlessly assimilated into the cinema atmosphere with their bright images, high contrast ratios, and visual clarity. AVA Vision’s partnership with Samsung brings an unmatched reliability in performance so each visitor can enjoy the immersive experience for years to come.

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