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Samsung Display Enables Mitsubishi to Showcase 100 Years of Innovation with a 64-screen Video Wall

  • Awe-inspiring video wall built from 64 screens and measuring 19.4m by 2.7m
  • Flexible display solution that can support all the venue needs—exhibition, entertainment and visitor engagement
  • Enables artists and the public to enjoy the thrill of discovery through immersive display experiences

'Through this installation we present our story—the Mitsubishi story—100 years of technological advancement and trusted performance—we chose Samsung Display because it echoes those characteristics…'

Sigeru Kubota, Architect, President, Kubota Architects & Associates

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Project goals

Mitsubishi Electric, a leader for nearly 100 years in electrical and electronic equipment, wanted to highlight their company heritage and innovative products. The company hoped to intertwine the technologies they develop with art, culture, and people, while also communicating the Mitsubishi story.

Mitsubishi Electric wished to:

  • Create a space where art, culture and tradition come together through showcasing Mitsubishi Electric’s technologies
  • Boost interactivity and creativity through breathtaking exhibits and stimulate idea generation

The challenge

As Mitsubishi Electric nears its 100th anniversary in 2021, they wanted to mark the moment with an impressive public information display of its heritage and commitment to innovation. They envisioned a space that felt accessible, future-oriented and inspirational all at the same time.

Mitsubishi Electric sought the following to realize their vision:

  • Large display—something grand that is as impressive as the 100-year Mitsubishi heritage
  • Given the wide variety of use cases envisioned, the display must be flexible and adapt to exhibit both dark images and bright images
  • Superior clarity and captivating video experience
  • True color rendition for vivid picture quality
  • Power efficient
  • A trusted partner that could deliver a premium and reliable display solution as this is the main attraction

The solution

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Mitsubishi Electric designed and built the Touch of Advancement (METoA) as a contemplative space where art, culture and tradition come to life. The center stage of this impressive building is the “Vision” room. Here, 64 advanced UNB Samsung Display screens were installed to create a breathtaking visual canvas for sharing Mitsubishi’s stories on grand scale.

Video Wall - Mitsubishi Case Study

'No other product on the video wall market comes close to Samsung Display’s proven field record of reliability and performance; the choice was clear.'

Sigeru Kubota, Architect, President, Kubota Architects & Associates

The 64-panel video wall comprised of Samsung’s LTI550HN09, which offers:

Uniform luminosity—maximum luminance variation 25%

Critical to success of video wall installation is the luminance variation. Due to the normal LCD manufacturing process, every screen in the video wall will have a slight luminance variation. This natural process feature causes havoc in a video wall setting where a single picture may be distributed over multiple screens. Samsung Display provides the most stringent and industry-leading luminosity uniformity—earning it high marks from the Mitsubishi team.

Uniform color calibration

Similar to luminosity, Samsung Display PID’s advanced color calibration process and QA checks ensure that all screens in the video wall installation are matched to give a uniform color effect.

Reliability and performance that is backed by industry-leading warranty

SDC’s advanced manufacturing system—from PID-specific masks to specialized TFT design—won high points for its proven field reliability

  • Samsung Display panels provide the highest contrast ratio of any PID panel available in the market to deliver crystal-clear images and even the shadow images in dark background
  • An ultra narrow 3.5mm bezel design, creating a virtually uninterrupted viewing experience
  • Consistent display clarity and performance in any operational environment with a reinforced weather-resistant panel that deters heat, moisture and dust
  • Premium anti-glare polarization helps avoid distractions and reach audiences by minimizing color changes that might occur due to external light and background reflection
  • Super lightweight at only 13.6kg/panel

The results

Samsung Display panels are installed in three out of four video wall displays worldwide. This industry vote of confidence was further ingrained when Mitsubishi decided to select Samsung Display. By implementing Samsung Display PID solutions, the “Vision” room amazes visitors through a video wall of awe-inspiring scale and an experience more immersive than real life. As Mitsubishi Electric continues to showcase new artistic talent, Samsung Display secures their success with the brightest, most reliable display solutions available, making METoA a place for discovery and imagination.

'It is incredibly difficult to communicate the intricacies of [Mitsubishi Electric’s] work to the public, so I wanted to find a way to do so that would be both easy to understand and fun. This is not simply a showroom. This is a new path, a new way of passing on ideas, and a new form of cultural communication. It is also entertainment. Our aim was to design a venue that, through exciting events and exhibitions held throughout the year, would provide a way for people to discover something new.'

Sigeru Kubota, Architect, President, Kubota Architects & Associates

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