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Samsung Display’s Technology Helps Secure China’s Growing Urban Infrastructure

  • Delivered an immersive 150 square-foot video wall (30 feet x 5.6 feet) for the Zhongshan Police Department
  • Ultra-narrow bezel of just 3.5mm allows for an undisturbed and massive viewing canvas
  • Twenty-seven, 46" ultra-narrow bezel (UNB) panels installed
  • Professional grade SDC panels provide ‘always-on’ 24/7 operations
  • FHD (1,920x1,080) and high contrast ratio (3,500:1) panels provide enhanced clarity
  • Superior white luminosity and color calibration across all 27 panels allows for a uniform viewing experience

In 2017, Zhongshan Police Department invested in a state of the art control room. An impressive 30 feet by 5.6 feet LCD video wall was installed to enhance security.

Zhongshan is home to over 3 million citizens. The proximity of the city to Hong Kong and Macau is advantageous to its economic development, especially in manufacturing. Fueled by the economic boost, Zhongshan's population and urban infrastructure grow rapidly.

Since 2011, the Chinese central government began the massive implementation of a national program requiring 650 Chinese cities to reform their public security and safety infrastructures with state-of-the-art technologies. According to the China Safe Cities Technologies and Markets 2013-2022 report, this program will result in a cumulative $138 billion Chinese Safe City market – the largest national Safe City market in the world.

The authorities ensure a stringent selection process for the technology used with this Safe City initiative. Quality, reliability, and price competition is very intense. Having the right partner to support you is essential to succeeding in the Chinese security market. Getting on the blacklist even once can shut down the entire opportunity for your business in the future.

Samsung Display in partnership with our Chinese team was proud to be selected to support the Zhongshan City Police Department video wall installation.

Police Office Video Wall Installation

Project goals

The job of a control room operator is becoming increasingly complex and critical. Data volumes are growing, in part because of automation and variety of data sources. To help operators cope with the changing landscape, control rooms are being transformed by a range of technologies that let them collect and understand more information.

The project required setting up of a massive floor-to-ceiling video wall for the Zhongshan Police Department. This was to be the nerve center of the police operations to support a city of over 3 million residents. The panels had to support advanced analytical decision making (ADM). High pixel density and high contrast ratio were required to assist the human operator. Given the critical nature of the operations, once set up this project would be on 24/7 and thus durability and quality of the panels were of utmost importance.

The scale and the importance of the project attracted the best players in the digital signage and control room integration industry, making the bidding process very competitive.

'Skyworth-QX has had close cooperation with SDC since their first generation video wall products. We are impressed with SDC PID’s proven product innovation ability, visual performance & technical services. We trust SDC PID and firmly believe that it provides our end-customer the best viewing experience.'

Mr. Liu Bao, R&D Director, Skyworth QX

The solution

Samsung Display, TO-Top, and Skyworth QX recommended 46” UNB products to deliver the smart solution needed by the Zhongshan police force. The key features of the solution:

  • Tiled, lightweight displays able to accommodate specific requirements of a large size installation.
  • Ultra-narrow bezel (only 3.5mm) design coupled with unrivaled brightness (500 nits) and color uniformity delivered uninterrupted and crystal clear view for the operators.
  • Advanced anti-glare treatment allowed for minimal distractions due to reflections and ambient light.
  • FHD resolution and highest in industry contrast ratios (3,500:1) provided crisp images and text—critical to easily display video feed from the thousands of security cameras.
  • Energy efficient (83W maximum) panels ensure low cost of operations.
  • RoHS compliant SDC panels provide green footprint.
  • Standard panel sizes and stable supply guaranteed to support long-term expansion strategy.
  • SDC’s strong regional presence and trusted customer support capabilities were appreciated by the project team.

46-Inch UNB Video Wall

The results

Zhongshan police control room is equipped with 27 the highest quality ultra-narrow bezel 46" panels to help boost the first responders’ capability.

For our partners, the quality of Samsung panels ensures that the project is completed on time and on budget without any additional costs incurred due to panel replacement or panel quality.

Additionally, given the future growth opportunity, each successful project further enhances the reputation of the project partners.

Samsung Display is committed to continuing building our legacy of delivering superior performance and durable panels that satisfy even the most stringent requirements at a favorable price.

More on the future of control room design here.

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