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The Complete Video Wall Buyer’s Guide

Considering a video wall purchase? As video walls market growth accelerates, you now have more options, with more features, than ever before. From flexible screen sizes to cost-effective solutions for different budgets, to new and upgraded technology, the list of important...

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8K Resolution: Making Hyperrealism a Reality

Is 8K worth it? With the first 8K TV being released into consumer markets this year and the growth of 8K content creation and supporting technologies, it’s not long before 8K display technology is projected to become mainstream. The introduction of 4K technology...

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A Guide to Understanding QD Displays

Abstract This whitepaper aims to establish the foundation for a thorough understanding of the science behind the quantum dot (QD) technology and its popular and promising application in quantum dot displays. Equipped with this knowledge, you will be able to confidently...

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Deep Dive into Curved Displays

First introduced at CES 2013, curved displays were primarily used for TVs. Today’s curved technology employs a range of backlighting technologies, comes in a variety of sizes, curvatures, and resolutions optimized for a wide range of applications—TV, monitor, smartphone,...

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Display Technologies Evaluated

The display technology revolution has led to an abundance of choices from Twisted Neumatic (TN) to Super Vertical Alignment (SVA) to everything in the middle, like In-Plane Switching (IPS) and more, for the buyer. Therefore, buyers often wonder—what is the best, the most...

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High Contrast Ratios Bring Your Vision to Life

What is contrast ratio? 'More so than color (quantum dots or otherwise), resolution (4K or otherwise) or other aspects of picture quality, contrast makes the difference between a good- and a bad-looking image.' Geoffery Morrison, Technical Editor of Home Theater...

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