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What is Color Gamut?

How do we see color and why it matters for your PID options? One of the buzzwords at CES 2017 was “broader color gamut”. In this whitepaper, our experts unwrap this term to help you understand color and its relationship with displays. This ‘back to basics’ piece will...

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Quantum Dots: Solution for a Wider Color Gamut

What is QD and why it’s the next big thing for large format displays? With the evolution of display technology, the industry has come to demand lifelike experiences and true, saturated colors. This trend has caused color space standards to evolve as well. With the...

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Display Technologies Evaluated

The display technology revolution has led to an abundance of choices from Twisted Neumatic (TN) to Super Vertical Alignment (SVA) to everything in the middle, like In-Plane Switching (IPS) and more, for the buyer. Therefore, buyers often wonder—what is the best, the most...

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High Contrast Ratios Bring Your Vision to Life

What is contrast ratio? 'More so than color (quantum dots or otherwise), resolution (4K or otherwise) or other aspects of picture quality, contrast makes the difference between a good- and a bad-looking image.' Geoffery Morrison, Technical Editor of Home Theater...

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